As a solo artist or with her performance dance-theater company CIE Art in Motion, Angela Malina works together with artist and people from many different genres, to create versatile and creative performances to remember. Her own productions are focused on creating interactive experiences for the people, her main performance stage are mystic places in the nature, inside old or abandoned buildings, site specific or guerilla actions.

Nature is always the main inspiration in her work with a focus on the element water.

Her passion is to work on stage with musicians and to perform and create storys for art-film and music videos. She always had a unique style with connection and a heart for mystic sound experiments, underground art, gothic, rock and metal music with the archaic power and connection to rural nature.

Her productions work is also in connection with research in meditation, trance and different cultural rituals.

"We create moments to remember" 


- performative advertisement concept for your company/product 

- live performances with your own products

- pop up dance-performance event

- choreography and performance for your event/gala/festival

- choreography and performance on stage for concerts and bands and on tour

- music video and artistic short film production


Angela studied dance on a professional level in Switzerland and Germany. Contemporary, modern dance, jazz, afro and oriental / tribal dance.

She developed her own style "Tribal Flow" wich is a fusion of elements from afro and tribal dance as well as contemporary and modern dance. Yoga, Tai Chi and elements from Martial Arts are included in her cie training and dance classes.


- Teaching private Lessons (individual training, body work and meditation, dance combination/choreography)

- Choreography for music videos, film and on stage

- Workshops for company events, festivals and dance schools


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